Give Me Some Sunshine..
Give Me Some Rain..
Give Me Another Chance..
I Want Grows Up One Again...


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Saturday, December 24, 2011

what make me think

"How can u say that with a straight face?" ..
When u asked.." When will we meet again?"
any time u talked too much..
I know u don' get it..
For a moment I see your bluff and i cry
"Do my tears work on u?"
I keep saying "I want to be LOVED" in my special way... but u still don't get the hint...
I have this bad feeling that I'll never see u again..
I wish I could tell u, but I can't find the word..
Maybe I did rather listen to your lie..
I can't even say "Don't leave me"
When u let got of my hand.. "Will u forget about me?"....

I keep think all of that...

adios amigos,

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